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New Links in Reference Section

[WM] road WEBMASTER posted Aug 7, 14
I've added links for conquest and stronghold stuff from dulfy. I have several things on my list to do for updating the site. Let me know if you want anything in particular.

Guild meeting

[GM] Bahumat theAncient posted Mar 30, 14
Hey fellow ancients, There will be a guild meeting on Tuesday April 1st. We will start grouping up around 9:30-10pm and all lutenants, officer, or anyone concerned with the issue of guild ranks or in any way cares about thier rank and/or how the ranks are. Please be there, or notify someone that you cannot attend maybe you can be tlaked with before or after the meeting ect...

Main suggested idea:

1 rank: for the 5-6 main guild officers. These people all attend and own in part of making this guild as much as a Gm would thus they require higher access to things. The also are as title: master crafters, and trade viceroys, also the head Guild OPS leader and main guild bank/ guild accountant. im sure most of you know who they are so.While it is possible to add more officers it would have to be under certain circumstances like taking charge of aspects of guild affairs ect...to be determine

2nd rank: for the people that a guild officer has chosen, each officer can only appoint one so this keeping the number of officers and thier protogeys the same. the person who the officer choses is clearly welcome to discuss guild affairs with the officer and all guildies are also welcome to voice opinion or concern. for those in this second ranks, they have a job given to them by an officer so when they inform people of things, they act on everyones behalf aswell. (like helping people, adressing the guild for some reason, given a bank task to achieve ect)

someones guild rank might or might not be minor or majorly affected by this, but clearly it is more formal, clean and neat. the approach to defined officers and acting officers are clear, guild duties are sorted and delt with, also might i add that we are always non elitist so the option for growth even in neer future is possible, Im sure lots of people show capability or otherwise of being ranked up or performing duties within the guild.

I only share the idea of this, thank Wellow for his origional idea. if this idea is altered or changed in anyway that might also be acceptable, i personally like it because it defines the rank holder, y have 3-4 seperate ranks for people who are mixed up or confused cant tell who you are or w.e. the IDEA: a rank is suspose to remove confusion, not create more or to make us appear to stand so devided and mixed up.

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